The future of sustainable local food

Ever wondered how far the food in your local grocery store has to be shipped to get to your local market? In many cases your food is 1000, 2000, 3000 miles away. Next time you are shopping for vegetables or other food items, ask your local grocer where their stocks come from.

VIOTECH FARMS, a Utah company based in Cedar City, believes it is critical for our community to have a local, year round, sustainable commercial food production to sustain our communities food source requirements. We don’t want to find ourselves at the mercy of long distance food growers and supply chains that can easily be disrupted by fuel shortages and other man-made events.

For many years our food system is largely centralized. The number of U.S. farms has decreased by roughly 65-75% since the 1930s. Our food in the United States travels thousands of miles from farm to plate.

Fewer small farms have successors in the family to keep them going. Most young people cannot or are unwilling to make the significant financial investment in an industry that requires them to dedicate long hours and physical work to make them viable.

Our centralized food system has many risks: Contamination cause illness and other outbreaks; Logistical interruptions caused by natural disasters that cause food spoilage and the stoppage of food delivers to many others; and misuse and over depletion of many natural resources.

See what the Future of Sustainable Local Food production is all about.

The problem with seed patents and large corporations

Many scholars now claim that recent legal and legislative changes to patents are limiting innovation and social benefits. The extension of utility patents to agricultural seeds illustrates how intellectual property policies have expanded and become more restrictive causing many farmers to not be able to propagate their own seeds, or even fix their own tractors.

VIOTECH FARMS, a division of SWANN TECHNOLOGIES, believes in environmental and responsible care of our facilities and our community, social rights and freedoms for all, and governance that allows all to benefit and thrive as a society. Working together with our community is our roadmap for improving our performance and achieving our goals. We want our food products to be the best they can be, the most nutritious, the cleanest, and the most reasonably priced to create a better future of sustainability for all of our community and our world.